Film and TV Development

Eastern Cape

The Dam – ASPIRE , ADM and ECDC jointly provided a financial supported the film production known as DAM. The purpose was to establish partnership for economic growth and also enabling the promotion of public private partnership towards realizing regional needs. In so doing, allowing innovation with regards to financing efforts and funding opportunities towards the delivery of the film projects.

The aim is to explore local and international market opportunities that stimulate economic trade investment and innovation. This is a drama series called DAM. The story is about a young lady called Yolanda, a beautiful thirty something woman, she returns from Canada, to her home on an isolated farm in Adelaide after a decade away to bury her father who has died in a mysterious accident.

The production of the film was within a duration of eight (8) weeks. The Eastern Cape has been seen very little on our screens.

There is a great need to exploit that province for the benefit of the people of the Eastern Cape through training, work experience and education in order to be film friendly. Once local government and its communities realize the value of film projects, they will support and encourage the film industry even more.

Film and TV Development