Butterworth CBD Upgrades


Butterworth serves thousands of people – more each year – who live in the vast rural areas that surround it, but it was once a “no-hope” area like so many small towns, and continually deteriorating. The town’s growth had taken place without any proper planning, nor with sufficient suitable land and infrastructure for development: it mushroomed into congested chaos with a national road running through it. It was unsafe for both pedestrians and for motorists.

A R17.25 million intervention included installation of street lights, pavements and parking and loading zones, as well as street furniture, such as benches and garbage bins. It also involved upgrading storm water drainage, and pedestrianizing Market Street for informal traders and others.

The CBD upgrade will pay off in easing traffic congestion and promoting safety and security of the town’s residents and visitors. It is also a starting point for the town’s regeneration programme.

ASPIRE initiated installation of festive Christmas lighting as part of the project handover to the local municipality: on 13 December 2011. In a memorandum of agreement with ASPIRE, the municipality assumes responsibility for maintenance, security and future expansion of the project in line with its development initiatives for the town.

Butterworth CBD Upgrades