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Our Objectives

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Establish ASPIRE As A World-Leading Development Institution

ASPIRE’s opportunity exists in positioning the District as a globally influential and impactful region. ASPIRE, in establishing itself as world-leading development institution, will position the District as a leader in development of a SMART rural vision and mandate.

Key areas of focus will be the implementation of best practice methodologies at an implementation level across all Development Pillars. ASPIRE will also aim to promote the District at an international level, through best practice, as a leader in piloting global solutions to rural areas using SMART approaches. The success of ASPIRE’s mandate is linked to strong domestic and international partnerships that will unlock the technical skills and resources needed to effect implementation of interventions.

A service-led productive entity will ensure consistent alignment to the Districts’ vision, as well as transparent and accountable administration to local municipalities, civil society and private sector.


Promote Innovative Industry Value Chain Enterprise Growth

Regional industry value chain enterprise growth will be realised through the stimulation growth and expansion of existing value chains, and introduction of new value chains, within the District. The fourth industrial revolution has seen significant changes to industry value chains, as well as the introduction of new industries. Hence, ASPIRE will facilitate the transformation of new generation value chains through enterprise development initiatives, transformational partnerships domestically and internationally. ASPIRE will market the District as an international ‘sand-box’ for research and development for SMART rural solutions within the scope of the Development Pillars.


Optimise The Socio-Economic Value Of District-Owned Infrastructure Assets

The assets of the District serve as a critical socio-economic game changers. ASPIRE will facilitate the link between current assets and their socio-economic benefit, to innovative partnerships. ASPIRE will implement high-impact infrastructure transformation projects which will be managed and implemented using global best practice methodologies, and secured through sound investment partnerships. Key projects will include District-wide environmentally sustainable innovative road connectivity, renewable energy, waste management and water security, etc.


Promote ADM As A Domestic & International Investment Location

At a national level, investment within South Africa has been identified as a key area of focus to pursue economic growth, in turn improving the social impact. ASPIRE aims to align to this national imperative by positioning the District as a strategic region for investment both locally and internationally. By partnering with strategic players, ASPIRE will market the SMART rural model to drive investment into the Province. The value of land and agrarian transformation in the rural economy is significant to investors. The promotion of viable partnerships towards production, processing and exporting of agricultural products will not only address food security, but also stimulate the economy of the region.


Position ADM As A SMART District

ADM has the opportunity to be a world leader as Smart District. ASPIRE, over the long term, aims to implement smart solutions to the institutional, physical, social and economic infrastructure of the District. The goal is to see an improved quality of life for each citizen within the District. Smart solutions will aim to increase accessibility and participation of all citizen’s into the growth of the District.