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About Our Board

“The Board subscribes to the values of good corporate governance and recognizes the need to conduct the Agency with integrity and in accordance with generally accepted corporate practices. Furthermore, the Agency is governed by and complies with the following acts:

  • Municipal Finance Management Act
  • Municipal Systems Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Companies Act

The unitary board of directors comprises a majority of non-executive directors and meet at least quarterly. Role and function: The board of directors of provide strategic direction and is the accounting authority in terms of the Companies Act. In terms of the MFMA, the Chief Executive Officer, who is also an ex officio director, is the accounting officer. The board is responsible for the adaptation of strategic plans, monitoring of operational performance and management, determination of policy and processes to ensure the integrity of the Agency’s risk management and internal controls, communication policy and director selection, orientation and evaluation. My role as the chairperson of the board is responsibility, in conjunction with the board, for the Agency’s strategic direction and necessary policies.” – ASPIRE Chairperson

Prof. C M Adendorff - Board Chairperson
Dr. M Williams - Deputy Chairperson/Chair of Finance Committee
Mr. S Khanyile - Director/Chairperson of Social & Ethics Committee
Mrs. Nomdakazana Mbina Mthembu
Mrs. N T M Mbina-Mthembu - Director/Board Representative on Audit & Risk Committee
Mr. Lita Mbokotho
Mr. L Mbokotho - Director/Chairperson of Projects Committee
Dr. H Keown - Director / Member of Finance and Projects Committee