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About Our Management

After 12 years in the business, the entity has developed and as it cross the threshold of its teenage years, we look forward to a more learned and responsible future. The past year has seen the leadership of ASPIRE pull together to ensure that the tone is set from the top. The goal of bringing stability at executive management level, revisiting the mandate, re-connecting with past stakeholders and new ones and determining the best way forward, have all played a part in determining our future. Continuing with the focus of making an impact on the lives of those in the Amathole District, the NRM and Adopt a Spot projects continued to change lives. Over the course of the past year, 606 beneficiaries were employed during the implementation of these two projects.

The Adopt a Spot project rehabilitated over 6000m2 of land identified as illegal dumping areas. The NRM project cleared 463 hectares of alien invasive plants, ensuring that the water normally consumed by these plants was now available for local indigenous plants ad crops. On the personnel front, a new CFO was appointed at the start of the year and the year closed with the appointment of the CEO.

Both these posts had been vacant for an extended period of time but through determined efforts by the Board of Directors, the gaps were filled. A closer working relationship has been forged with relevant stakeholders in an effort to build on past relationships. This can only result in renewed outlook to do business with ASPIRE and overcome the negativity of the past 2 years.

ADM has been instrumental in providing support and guidance and for this ASPIRE is grateful. A revisit of the mandate of the organisation has resulted in ASPIRE realizing the need to go back to its original plan –Small Towns Regeneration. This has been the area that ASPIRE has been most effective in the past.” – ASPIRE CEO

ASPIRE_CEO - Mrs Akhona Tinta: BA (Hons) Public Administration and Management, Executive Programme in Leadership and Management for Transformation, MBA
CEO: Mrs Akhona Tinta


Mrs Akhona Tinta: BA (Hons) Public Administration and Management, Executive Programme in Leadership and Management for Transformation, MBA

Mrs A Tinta is currently acting in the position of CEO. She has worked in the public sector for the past 14 years, and has gained experience across a broad range of disciplines. She started her career in the government service in 2007 in various positions relating to Development Planning, Local Economic Development, and Strategic Planning.

She has over 10 years senior/executive management experience. She is responsible for the implementation of ASPIRE Strategy.